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The Importance of Writing Reviews

Liv Northgate Blog, Gilbert, AZ Apartments  Writing a clear, concise apartment review takes skill. Today our blog post has tips about how to write an effective review. Check it out.


These days, reviews are a part of our everyday lives. We depend on reviews to find the best products at the best prices. We also write our own reviews on products. Knowing how to write an effective review is a good skill to have. Today, the Liv Northgate Blog is sharing tips for writing reviews with a focus on apartments, though the information can be applied to just about any type of review.


Why Write a Review

When you were searching for an apartment, you likely read the reviews as part of your search. As a resident of our apartment community, you are in an excellent position to share a detailed review of the location, amenities, neighbors, and other factors that are a part of your daily life. We value the feedback we receive from reviews. Of course, if there is an issue, we want to help resolve it, so please contact management to discuss concerns.


The best place to get these things off your chest is in a one-on-one conversation with your property manager, NOT online talking trash. Call ahead and schedule an appointment. Have evidence to back up any assertions or complaints. Aim for resolution of your three key gripes, and have a positive attitude.


What to Include in a Review

Whether your review is positive, negative, or somewhere in between it is important to include relevant details, stick to the facts, be specific, and strive to be objective. Take time to think about what you want to say and focus on sharing the experience. Pay attention to spelling and grammar and use complete sentences. Use exclamation marks sparingly, and resist the urge to use more than one at the end of a sentence! Remember that poor writing mechanics can instantly devalue what you are saying — a reader may think, why should I trust what this person’s opinion if they don’t take the time to write clearly.


Be fair. Your experience may or may not be typical of everyone living in an apartment community, so avoid talking about your experience as if it is. Acknowledge in your review that it is one experience and that others may have had a very different experience. Just remember to give relevant details, to be succinct in your writing, and to consider the perspective of others involved so the review can be as helpful and easy to read as possible.

Help someone out and take a minute to write a review for our Gilbert, Arizona apartment community. Next time, we’ll be sharing tips about how to evaluate reviews successfully, so stay tuned.

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