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Spring Cleaning Your Liv Northgate Apartment

A spray bottle of cleaner and other cleaning implements in a  basket ready for spring cleaning your apartment.

March 20th is the first day of spring this year. Get a headstart on your spring cleaning by putting these tips from this Liv Northgate Blog post into practice. You will love how your apartment sparkles!



Stacks of mail, toys, and other things in our apartments can clutter up the counters, floors, doorways, tabletops, and more, making your whole home feel messy and a bit stifling. Clear these things from spaces they don’t belong quickly by taking a walk through your apartment with a large basket (like a laundry basket) and removing anything that doesn’t belong where it currently is.


Start putting items away once your basket is full. This makes it so you don’t have to take a bunch of tiny stops and detours around the house while you’re trying to just clear the table!


Deep clean.

Remove stale scents and keep everything looking and feeling vibrant with a little detailed cleaning. Dust blinds, fans, smoke detectors, and vents. Clean out your sink and disposal. Disinfect doorknobs and other touch points in your home. Throw away items, papers, and decorations you no longer use, want, or enjoy. This can be a bigger undertaking, but if you do small things when they’re convenient (or if you put in the time all in one go), you’ll be grateful you did!


Clean Your Appliances

Spend some time this month wiping down and cleaning your appliances. Take everything out of your fridge and wipe down the inside. Throw away items that have gone bad. Clean out your dishwasher, clean your oven, and wipe down your microwave. While you’re cleaning everything, make sure that you remember to wipe down your sink and other appliances around the house, as well.


Clean Out the Closet

Clean out your cabinets and linen closet. Get rid of items you know you will no longer use. Donate old items to your local thrift store. Try to come up with a system of organizing your things, whether that’s through using removable shelves, bins, or baskets. Wipe down the shelves and the walls of each closet. There are plenty of ways to organize your closets to make them clean, neat, and organized.


The idea of cleaning your apartment in preparation for spring might seem like a daunting task, but if you break it down and begin one task at a time each week this month, it becomes doable. What spring cleaning tips do you have for us? Share them in the comments. Good luck cleaning your apartment here in Gilbert, AZ!


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