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Plan a Summer Day Trip

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Summertime is traditionally the season for vacations and with the peak of the summer over the weather will start to cool down, which makes it the perfect time to plan a day trip.  We’ve rounded up some tips for planning a successful day trip to help you get ready.

Day Trip Tips to Get You Out the Door

  • Prepare as much as you can the night before heading out from your apartment at Liv Northgate. Make sure you have everything you will need for the day. If possible, purchase your tickets to any attractions or venues you will be visiting ahead of time using online ticketing services.

  • Take extra cash for souvenir purchases and other incidental expenses.

  • As you are planning your trip, read up on the places you will be visiting. Knowing the history in advance makes an in-person visit that much more interesting. And you can impress your family/friends with your knowledge.

  • Plan your route. Using an app like Waze can make this easier. Check out the driving route in advance and plan for traffic, construction, etc. Also, check the weather forecast, and have a contingency plan in place of inclement weather (switch to an indoor option instead of an outdoor one, for instance).

  • Plan for some downtime during your day. Remember it’s supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable and if you are rushing from one thing to another, that defeats the purpose.

  • Wear sturdy shoes for walking and comfortable clothes. Consider wearing layers which you can add or remove according to the temperature.

  • Take an umbrella and a jacket. Wear a hat and apply sunscreen before you leave if you’re out and about on a sunny day.

There are any number of places to plan to visit in the Gilbert area or expand your range and visit other nearby Arizona cities which all have fun attractions. Check out Discover Arizona for ideas. Do you have some tips for day tripping? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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