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Mini Dessert Recipes to Try this Month

A display of mini dessert options on blue and pink swatches of fabric.

Anytime is a good time to treat yourself, so this month we wanted to give you the opportunity to try out some great desserts right here in your Liv Northgate apartment in Gilbert, AZ. Today on the blog we’re featuring mini dessert recipes so you can even try a few of them and not feel too guilty about it!

Mini Dessert Recipes 

Apple pie bites

All you need for this sweet treat is some brown sugar and apple spice, chopped pecans, apples, and crescent rolls. Once you’ve sprinkled the brown sugar mixture and pecans on the crescent roll, just place an apple slice on the wide end of the crescent roll, then roll it all up and bake!

Mini peanut butter cheesecakes

Peanut butter and chocolate is one of the food world’s best combinations, and this recipe is sure not to disappoint. Crush some Oreos in a food processor to make the mini crusts, then whip together the ingredients for the filling. Then you just have to bake, let chill, and decorate with your favorite melted chocolate and quartered Reeses for a beautiful and decadent dessert.

S’mores cookie cups

S’mores are always a fun dessert to make and eat with friends, but if you don’t have the time or resources to make a campfire, try this recipe! It uses a unique chocolate chip cookie recipe with graham cracker crumbs in place of some flour, a thick chocolate ganache for the filling, and a marshmallow fluff topping. Any extra effort you put into making these cups is sure to pay off with the gooey, chocolatey heaven!

Chocolate covered frozen banana and peanut butter bites

For a more healthy mini treat, make use of the versatility of chocolate and peanut butter and get your fill of potassium with these treats. They’re simple enough to assemble: just cut up some bananas, top half of them with peanut butter, cover with the other bananas slices, and cover them with melted chocolate. Freeze for a few hours or overnight for a fun and delicious on-the-go snack.

What are your favorite desserts to make? Let us know by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


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