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Halloween Safety Tips

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Attending community events is a great way to support local vendors and the local economy while having fun and bonding with your loved ones. There are tons of fun events to enjoy here in Gilbert, Arizona this month. Along with attending these events, we at Liv Northgate hope you’ll have a safe Halloween! Stay safe during the holiday by remembering these tips:

Dressing Up

Costumes are perfect for expressing yourself and doing something wacky and fun. But remember while you’re making or buying your outfit that you accommodate it for your environment and what you’ll be doing. Ensure that your costume and any accompanying props are flame resistant, that they don’t block your senses, that it fits (you don’t want to struggle with tripping over it all day!), and that you wear light or brightly colored clothing that enables you to be seen in the dark.


Whether you’re going with kids to beg for candy from neighbors or you’re instructing them on best practices, make safety a top priority! Remind young ones of any allergies they have or even let neighbors know ahead of time as a word of caution. Have a responsible adult accompany kids and set expectations for when they should be back home. And only visit people you know in familiar areas. Carry a flashlight, avoid cutting across lawns, walk on the right side of the road (along with the flow of traffic), and cross at crosswalks and intersections.


The crafts and decor you put in your apartment should also be conducive to a safe and functional living environment for you. Use glow sticks or battery-powered candles inside jack-o-lanterns instead of open flame candles. Always blow out any flames from candles use when you’re finished with them. And keep flames from candles well away from combustible decorations or curtains. Create a clear pathway for people to reach your door.

Prepare yourself and you’ll have a great time! What safety tips do you have for the rest of the apartment community? Let us know in the comments!


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