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Frankenstein Friday at Liv Northgate

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Frankenstein’s monster is, of course, one of the most famous icons of “scary stuff,” along with the likes of Count Dracula, the werewolves of London, and Jack the Ripper, and the last Friday of October is Frankenstein Friday. The Liv Northgate Blog is sharing some ways to incorporate this fun, freaky holiday into your Halloween celebrations.

Frankenstein is the creation of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. The genesis of the story came from a dream, which Shelley incorporated into a story as the result of a writing challenge issued during a Swiss vacation Mary took with companions Percy Shelley (her future husband), Lord Byron, and John Polidori. early two-hundred years later the legend lives on through dozens of book, television, movie, and stage adaptations.

Ways to Celebrate Frankenstein Friday at Your Liv Northgate Apartment

  • Begin reading (or re-reading) the book, Frankenstein. Perhaps locate and read a copy of Mary Shelley’s original text which was written when Shelley was just eighteen years old. It’s a story that retains its fascination even two hundred years after it was penned. There’s sure to be a copy at the Gilbert, AZ public library — or even online via​ Overdrive.
  • Host a Frankenstein movie marathon at your Gilbert apartment. We suggest starting with the 1931 film adaptation (the first one) which stars the legendary Boris Karloff as the iconic green-hued, bolt-necked, square-headed monster, and be sure to include Mel Brooks’ comedy take, Young Frankenstein, which stars Gene Wilder as Frankenstein’s monster. (Many people confuse the character Victor Frankenstein, the scientist, with the monster. In Shelley’s original work, Frankenstein creates a monster.)  

  • Enlist a friend to attend a Halloween party appearing as Frankenstein and his monster. Frankenstein can sport crazy hair, wear a white lab coat which is splattered with (fake) “blood” and the monster will, of course, feature green hues in hair and on face (perhaps a dusting of green powder along with green eyeliner and eyeshadow), or go all out and use green face paint. Ham it up as this famous duo; after all, it is a night for the other-worldly.

We hope everyone in Liv Northgate has a safe and happy Halloween. What plans do you have? Feel free to share them in the comments.


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