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Create a DIY Escape Room Adventure

A ladder leaning against a wall in a dark, empty basement room with tiled walls and floor. The only light is what's coming through the opening the ladder is in.

The end of the month is here, which is the perfect time to plan a party — an antidote to the post-holiday letdown that sometimes happens in January. Why not go all out and turn your Gilbert, AZ apartment into an Escape Room for a group of your closest friends. Yes, you could go to a local escape room, but if you are creative type, there is great satisfaction in coming up with a unique adventure. In today’s Liv Northgate Blog we’ve got the scoop on what you need to take into account to create your own escape room.

Consider the theme.

Whether you want to go with a whodunit, a time-pressure escape, or the seemingly impossible, coming up with a theme is the place to start. Is there something unique about your community that you can build a theme from? What about ghost stories or local landmarks? Do you have a favorite book or genre? All of these could be a springboard for your escape. This list of Wacky Escape Room Theme Ideas may get your creative juices flowing.

Gather the supplies.

Next, take a look at the layout of your home as well as checking to see what you may already have on hand that you could use for your escape adventure. Do you have a locking briefcase or other lockable containers? What about locks? Because, of course,  you will need several different kinds of locks to use for your escape room — from alpha-numeric locks to combination locks to padlocks, and even a hasp lock.

Other supplies you need are the items that will create your escape room staging. Choose items that speak to your chosen theme (or choose a theme based on the items you have on hand). What about a clock, a map, or a globe, an old-school camera, an old-fashioned ornate key? All can be a part of your set. Clues can be highlighted for each one of these items. Some other items you will want to include a set of pens to write clues that will show up with a UV flashlight and notepads for your guests to keep track of everything. Puzzles work well for an escape room, put the puzzle together, flip it over and write your message/clue on the back. Use normal things in a new way. Have fun figuring out your set pieces and how they fit into the escape.

Come up with the riddles, puzzles, and clues.

Once you have all of the pieces, it’s time to put it all together. Figure out clues that lead your detectives from one clue to another, or to another key or riddle. In the end, once they solve everything, they will have all the pieces they need to escape the room or solve the main riddle/question.

Do a test run-through.

After you’ve done the run through (invite a select group over to do a test run), refine your experience and send out invites for your escape room party!

If a complete DIY is not your cup of tea, another option is to purchase an escape room kit that has everything you need to do an escape room party.  Have you been to a commercial escape room? What was your favorite thing about it? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for taking time to read our post.

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