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Costume Ideas for Halloween at Liv Northgate

couple dressed in pirate costumes

Welcome back to the Liv Northgate Blog and October in Gilbert. Halloween can sometimes creep (pun intended) up on us and suddenly we need a costume but don’t have the time or $$ budgeted to buy an expensive costume. Try one of these costumes instead.

Last Minute Costumes


Yo ho ho - being a pirate is a super easy-to-pull-off costume idea for couples for Halloween. You can both be pirates, or one can be a pirate and the other a wench. Have fun and brush up on your pirate-speak, because it’s an important part of your character.


Throw on some suspenders over a white t-shirt and wrap some white tape around the center of thick-rimmed glasses. Bring along a calculator because you never know when you might need to calculate an equation to maintain your image.

Flight Attendant

This is an easy outfit to put together and you probably already have everything that you need at your apartment. A nice blouse, a pencil skirt, flats or low heels, a scarf, and a small rolling suitcase are basically all that you need. Don’t forget to put on your best fake smile!

Deviled Egg

Dress in all white and attach a yellow circle of felt to your stomach. Add devil horns and a tail to turn yourself into a "deviled" egg.

Other Options for Costumes

A quick visit to a Gilbert, AZ thrift store could be the answer to your Halloween costume quest. Think outside of the box and look for pieces that can be put together to create an epic costume. Perhaps a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and mustache to be Magnum P.I., or a flowing skirt, headband, and big glasses to be a hippie, for example. Let your imagination soar.

A good option for procuring a new-to-you costume is to get together with together with friends from our Liv Northgate apartment community and swap out costumes. Mother Nature Network has a great how to do it article: How to Host a Halloween Costume Swap.

What are your plans for celebrating Halloween this year? In our next post, we’ll share a monster of a plan. Thanks for taking the time to read our post this week.


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