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Check It Out Western Spirit

Check It Out: Western Spirit

In this post, the Liv Northgate Apartments Blog is featuring Western Spirit: Scottsdale's Museum of the West. The Western Spirit Museum is just a thirty-minute drive from the Liv Northgate Apartments. Here are seven exhibits that the museum is currently putting on:


Lone Wolf (Hart M. Schultz): Cowboy, Actor, & Artist

June 21, 2016-August 31, 2016

From the website: “This retrospective highlights the compelling career of artist Lone Wolf (aka Hart Merriam Schultz, 1883-1970), whose artwork bridged the diverse cultures of the Old and New West. Through both paint and bronze, Schultz’s artwork creatively depicts his personal knowledge of his tribe, his firsthand acquaintance with the American West and the stories of his Blackfeet elders.”


Inspirational Journey: The Story of Lewis and Clark

January 15, 2015-October 31, 2016

From the website: “Charles Fritz chronicled the historic early 19th-century expedition of Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.”


The A.P. Hays Spirit of the West Collection


From the website: “A selection of saddles, spurs, and other quintessentially western items from the collection of Scottsdale gallerist Abe Hays.”


Will James: Cowboy Artist and Author


From the website: “Paintings, drawings, etchings, books, and ephemera illuminate the life and work of the prolific western American writer and painter.”


Courage and Crossroads: A Visual Journey through the Early American West


From the website: “The story of America’s West in the 19th and early 20th centuries.”


Confluence of Cultures in the American West: A Selection of Contemporary Artists


From the website: “The stories of friendship, tension, and conflict that arose during cultural contact in the history of the American West are explored through artwork that depicts mountain men, American Indians, buffalo, cavalry, and settlers.”


Heritage Hall


From the website: “Inspiring images of people, past and present, who have made contributions to the American West, together with biographical data that guests can explore.”


Have you ever been to the Western Spirit Museum? What was your favorite exhibit? Let us know in the comments!