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Celebrate National Hot Dog Month

Liv Northgate Blog, Gilbert, AZ Apartments Check out our local restaurant suggestions and mouth-watering recipes to celebrate National Hot Dog Month in Gilbert this July!

Liv Northgate Blog — Hot Dog Edition! Summer and hot dogs were made for each other. It makes sense that July is National Hot Dog Month. Get out there and celebrate with these fun recipes, decoration ideas, and restaurants to try out this month.


Experience some of Gilbert’s restaurants that offer savory hot dogs. Head on over to Higley Hot Dog on E Williams Field Road. With an excellent Google rating, Higley’s is an excellent place to get an all-American hot dog. Bring cash to pay and enjoy a few hot dogs soon. You can also check out Mugsy Dogs on E Queen Creek Road. Mugsy Dogs offers a full-on menu of hot dogs including Italian and Polish dogs; plus all the fixins. Check out these and other awesome local restaurants and food trucks for tasty food and a great local experience.


Hot Dogs to Taste


If you enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, check out some of the following unique twists on the classic hot dog brought to you by the Food Network:


Keep it classic with grilled link hot dogs with homemade pickle relish or give your hot dogs a little twist with this nacho dog recipe. If you like a little bit of kick, try out this chipotle chili cheese dog recipe. Basically, the possibilities are endless. If you’re feeling super gung-ho about National Hot Dog Month, you could even try out a different recipe for every day — or maybe every weekend!


Fun Hot Dog Facts


There are plenty of random hot dog facts to help you get through National Hot Dog Month. One of our favorites? Hot dogs were a favorite food to some astronauts. Mental Floss writes, “Believe it or not, astronauts on the Apollo 7 mission in 1968 didn’t really like the freeze-dried ice cream they were to be served in space. The food was removed from the space program, and it eventually found a home in museum gift shops. However, one classic meal item that later crew members—including those on the Apollo 11 mission—actually enjoyed was hot dogs.


Celebration Suggestions


In keeping with the holiday, hold a hot dog cook-off with some of your friends rewarding silly prizes for different categories such as most creative, spiciest, and overall best flavor. Or, hold a hot dog eating contest in our apartment community. Celebrate the depth of your love for hot dogs with all sorts of hot dog themed decor. No matter how you choose to celebrate, we won’t judge.


Thanks for reading this Liv Northgate Blog post. Share any additional fun ways to celebrate National Hot Dog Month in the comments. Have a great month here in Gilbert, AZ!


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