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Being the Perfect Guest at Thanksgiving Dinner

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Welcome back to the Liv Northgate Blog! It’s a given that the host of Thanksgiving dinner will have their hands full with menu planning, prep work, and figuring out the seating chart; however, if you’re a guest you can lighten the load! Follow these tips to improve on your Thanksgiving dining experience, if you’re in Gilbert, AZ or not.

Bring something to the dinner.

Whether you’re bringing a gift or a side dish, it’s always nice to bring something to the host’s home. Ask your host ahead of time if they would like you to bring a dish or a dessert. If you choose to bring a gift, make it both personal and thoughtful.

Arrive on time.

No one wants to wait for dinner (especially Thanksgiving dinner). Make sure that you arrive only slightly after the host asks you to come to dinner, and don’t expect the host to hold dinner for you. If you know that there’s going to be traffic, make sure that you leave your apartment with plenty of time to spare.

Try your food before you pass it on.

Make sure that you taste your food before you season it. There’s nothing worse than an over-seasoned meal, and it’s great to give your food a little taste before you start pouring on the salt. You won’t know how much salt or pepper you need on your meal until you try it.

Compliment the host.

The host has worked incredibly hard on the meal. Make sure that you remember to compliment the meal, the host’s home, and the desserts before the meal is through. Also, it’s always polite to thank the host for opening up their home to you.

What are your insights into being an awesome guest? Share with us in the comments. We want to wish everyone in our apartment community a happy Thanksgiving!

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