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Apartment Applications: How to Prepare

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If you’re looking to rent an apartment here at Liv Northgate in Gilbert, AZ,  we look forward to meeting you and giving you a tour of our apartment community! Before you apply, though, you should remember to check a few things so you can have an idea for what’s coming when your application is in review.

1. Verify your credit.

Begin by getting a copy of your credit report. You’ll want to verify that your credit matches the requirements of the property you’re applying to. This is the easiest way to avoid disappointment once an application is submitted.

2. Prepare the necessary documents.

Driver’s licenses, proof of employment, and details for references (depending on the property you apply for) are common and oftentimes essential things people ask for. If the application doesn’t have fields for these, usually a copy will need to be emailed or faxed to the manager or on-site staff. Keep copies of this information on hand in one place so you can move through this part of the process easily.

3. Read through first.

An easy way to avoid making mistakes is to do a clear read-through of the application before beginning to fill it out. This will give a general idea of what will be required and will make it easy to ensure that information isn’t entered twice. Much like taking a test, verifying what is to come makes the overall process much easier.

4. Double check the documentation.

Once you’ve completed your application, make sure to read through it a second or third time or to have a friend double check the information you’ve provided. This is to ensure that the information was entered correctly and thoroughly. This can also work as a way to calm your own anticipation and nerves. After all, one of the worst things is to submit a document only to notice errors after it’s out of your hands.

If you’ve done your prep, go ahead and see what’s available and apply online to Liv Northgate today. You won’t find a better community in Gilbert. Do you have any personal or foolproof methods for submitting rental applications? Share those in the comments below for others preparing to fill one out today!

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