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Abracadabra Bow Wow Teaching Your Pet Tricks

Liv Northgate Blog, Gilbert, AZ Apartments  Teach your pet some new tricks or brush up on the basics this month by trying the ideas in today's blog for a bit of fun!

Here at Liv Northgate in Gilbert, AZ, we are happy to be a pet-friendly community. In fact, we have a dog park and host events for our residents with pets at our apartment community! Today our blog post is focused on training your dog or pet tricks. Enjoy!


Basic Training Principles


Once your pet has some basic commands down, you can begin expanding your training. Cesar’s Way shares Five Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog which are sit, come, down, stay, and leave it. Visit the blog for step-by-step directions for teaching each of these commands.


Another skill, worth mentioning, is to teach your dog when it’s appropriate to bark. If this isn’t an issue, wonderful. However, if it is, the Humane Society’s directions are helpful: How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking.

Pet Tricks


Fetching may seem basic, but it can come in handy in all sorts of situations. If your pet doesn’t already have this down, try the tips suggested from Josh Weiss-Roessler at Cesar’s Way for teaching your pet effectively how to bring things to you.


Roll Over

While this may seem to be a basic trick, it never fails to delight and is one of the easier tricks to teach. Follow the directions from The American Kennel Club and soon your dog will be rolling over on command.


Playing the Piano

This trick is a bit more advanced and it requires a lot of dedication and persistence in getting your dog not only interested in a piano or keyboard but also in getting them to play it. But take it in steps and reward them generously for their actions and you’ll have the next Mozbark in no time!


Have you successfully taught your dog tricks? What are your favorite tricks, games, or skills to teach your pet? Leave a comment and share your tips with other members of our apartment community.


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