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Thrifting in Gilbert, AZ

Thrifting in Gilbert, AZ

The Liv Northgate Blog is featuring several tips and tricks to help you thrift shop this month. Thrift stores have the reputation of selling items that are old, worn out, and out of date, but that’s not true! Thrift stores are treasure troves of vintage and classic items — you just have to be willing to search. Read on to learn more.


Tip One: Budget


Many people think that budgeting for a thrift store excursion is unnecessary. Because everything is so cheap, it can be easy to overspend on items that you don’t really want or need. Setting a budget is an easy way to prevent any unwanted purchases. Bring your budget in cash on your thrifting trip. Don’t go over the limit you’ve set for yourself. Most trips should only warrant fifteen to fifty dollars in purchases. If you intend to buy bigger items like furniture or vintage designer items, expand your budget.


Tip Two: Alter Items


Don’t be afraid to creatively alter the items you find at the thrift store. Turn old sweaters and sweatshirts into quilts, cut the shoulder pads out of a blazer, or refinish an old bookshelf or dining room table. Use old books to create a unique wall decoration or turn old magazines into a collage. There are plenty of ways to use the items you find at your local thrift store to express your style and personality.


Tip Three: Have Fun


Remember to have fun while you shop! Take a break for lunch at your favorite diner here in Gilbert, AZ or play a game. Bring a friend and see who can find the strangest item in the thrift store. The person who wins gets free lunch or dinner. Try on a crazy outfit or explore the inventory, looking for the oldest item on sale. Bringing a friend thrift store shopping will give you a solid second opinion and help alleviate the tedium of looking through the racks.


Do you have any thrifting tips or tricks for us? Let us know in the comments. We hope that you have a great month here in Gilbert, AZ. Thanks for reading our post!