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Decorate Your Apartment

Decorate Your ApartmentLiv Northgate Apartments in Gilbert, AZ have beautiful pools, thoughtfully designed layouts, and jaw-dropping views. While our apartments are stunning, we know that its the personal touches our residents add that make their apartments feel like home. Thats why this month we have four apartment-friendly decorating tips for our residents: Bedding Country Living has some useful advice for how to decorate your bedroom, including some great bedding color combinations. We recommend picking bedding that matches the overall color scheme of your apartment and then using a creative throw to personalize it. Your throw can reflect your interests and hobbieswhatever you love, theres probably a throw for it. Try mixing and matching your bedding for an eclectic look. Paint-Free Color We get it: you want your apartment to be as colorful as your personality, but you cant paint the walls. Have no fear! Brit +Co. has 20 Ways to Add Color to Your Home Without Painting. We want to highlight two of their tips on the blog today. The first tip is: Hang a Tapestry. Tapestries are more and more popular these days, and you can find them in every and any color. The next tip? Display a Collection. This can be a unique way to add color to your apartment. Whether you collect comic books or quirky hot chocolate mugs, displaying your collection on your walls can make your walls more vibrant, add a visual point of interest to the room and be a fun conversation starter for your next get-together. Colorful Curtains The Lovely Side recommends adding flair to your apartment with colorful curtains. You can hang curtains in any color you want or even hang up multi-colored panels if you so desire! This is an easy (and inexpensive way) to highlight your personality in an apartment without changing the apartment itself. Do you have any apartment decorating tips for us? Let us know in the comments!